Table Top 

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Commission Price List

Commission Pricing 

For anything not covered here please contact me using the contact us form

Because of the specialized, custom nature of what we do, we have very strict policies. 

( All Price's are set for 5 color's if you want more than 5 color's price will go up.)

We ask for half down before starting a project. This is a binder and commits you to the completion of the project. 

You are making a commitment to see the project through and not cancel it for any reason. 

When the Project is done i will send you some pic's of your model's in a e-mail in the e-mail will have the final payment due amount.

Special Characters 

Starting @ $25 going up Depending on the size of the model

Troops, Elites, Bikes 

Troops 10 man squad 25mm Bases Starting @ $40

5 man 30- 40 mm Bases Starting @ $50

Bikes and Calvary 5 man unit Starting @ $40

Painting Custom Bases $5 ea. 

(if you want me to get you Custom Bases i only order from Dragon

Dreads, Tanks & Vehicles 

Dreads and Kanz starting @ $30 ea

Medium sized tanks (Rhinos / Trukks) $35 ea

Land Raider and Larger starting @ $55 ea and going up


One Piece Infantry $1 ea

Multi-part Infantry $2 ea

Plastic Cavalry and Bikes $3 ea

Metal Cavalry and Bikes $5 ea

40mm Base $3 to $5

Plastic Walker kits $5 ea

Plastic Tank Kits ( small ) $10 ea

Plastic Tank Kits ( large ) $15 ea

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible (Table Top Painting )
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